Tioman Island


I mostly traveled during August since my daughter, Ellisha has quite a long semester break from her study at the University of Malaysia, and this year is her second year in Medical School.  We enjoyed every single day during this trip, along with perfect weather and well-planned schedules.

We started our journey from Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Rompin by car, which took us approximately 4 ½ hours.  We left home early on the morning of 25th August 2019 and reached Kuala Rompin at noon, whereby we checked in at the Seri Malaysia Hotel. We had stayed a night there. I booked 2 rooms for 5 of us. One family room and the other one is a standard twin. It is a mid-range hotel with basic amenities, although some of the facilities and parts of the hotel need a new makeover and an upgrade. We had our buffet breakfast at the hotel before we left for the Tanjung Gemok Ferry Terminal.  We then parked our car at the ferry terminal with a charge of RM30 for 3 days.

Breakfast at Seri Malaysia Hotel.

We were at Tanjung Gemok Ferry Terminal waiting for our ferry.

Paya Beach Spa and Dive Resort have pre-arranged for our ferry tickets. We took the Bluewater Express ferry, which departed at 11.00 am, and we had to be there at the ferry terminal 1 hour earlier.  The ferry ride took us about 2 hours to reach Tioman Island.  I felt so restless because it took too long to arrive at our dream island.

A ferry ride to Tioman Island.

It was a bright sunny day when we reached Tioman Island. The water was crystal clear, and we could see many fishes as we walked along the jetty. We booked full board 3days/2nights package inclusive of snorkeling trip to Renggis Island and Marine Park.  We checked in into a Deluxe Chalet Beach Front, which accommodated all 5 of us. The deluxe chalet has a king-size bed in the bedroom,  a double sofa in the living room, and a double bed on the mezzanine floor.  The stairs to the mezzanine floor were rather steep, but since my sons and daughter are no longer children, they were perfectly capable of climbing the stairs on their own. However, I think the stairs were not child-friendly as it is quite high up from the ground and since the stairs are steep, they might slip and fall.

After we did unpacking our clothes, we went for the rainforest and mangrove swamp walk.  

We hiked up to the hill and further downward until we reached a tranquil and private beach with only 5 of us present during that time. It was such a lovely place.  We sat there for a while to feel the sea breeze as we enjoyed the sound of the soft waves hitting the shore. We were grateful for the quiet moment there as it gave us time to reflect upon our lives.  

When it was almost sunset, we head up to our hotel using the same route again as we have no other choice and no other access road. It was very tiring for me but I did rather well for a 50 year old.

We had dinner at the hotel, and the overall food was delicious to our liking. They served different menus daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a buffet style.

On our 2nd day in Tioman Island,  we had our early morning buffet breakfast and proceeded to the sports center near the restaurant to collect our snorkeling gear. We were ready to go for snorkeling at Renggis Island and Marine Park. 

My children did enjoy themselves feeding the fishes with some bread and snorkeling around to see the beautiful coral. Both places we went, the water was so clear that we felt like we're in an aquarium as we dipped down into the open sea and were surrounded by fishes of many beautiful colours and species.  It was a fun day for us. We were back at the hotel by noon and had our delicious lunch there.

Snorkeling at Renggis Island.
Snorkeling at Marine Park.
Some photos that we took on our way back to the hotel after snorkeling.
It was 28th August 2019, and it was our last day on the island.  We woke up early to join a yoga class by the beach before heading to the restaurant for breakfast.  

We strolled along the beach for the last time to take pictures and then packed our stuff and checked out from the hotel. 

Our ferry to Tanjung Gemok Ferry Terminal was at 2.30 pm.  During the ferry ride, I felt nauseated because I sat near to the washroom with people in and out.  We reached the Tanjung Gemok Ferry Terminal about 5 pm and drove to the Seri Malaysia Hotel in Rompin to check-in.  The same hotel we stayed earlier before we left for Tioman Island as that is the nearest hotel to Tanjung Gemok Ferry Terminal.

On the next morning, we checked out from the hotel after our breakfast and drove back to Kuala Lumpur.  We love and enjoyed our stay at Paya Beach Spa and Dive Resort.  Tioman Island is very beautiful, but honestly, the ferry ride was too long for me to take!!


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