Janda Baik

(14/12/19 – 15/12/19)

It was the last trip with my family to end the year of 2019.  There were 23 of us, including children. Everybody was looking forward to this trip from the moment I secured the booking with the owner of Ruang. 

We had made various plans and arrangements prior to the family day from teams’ shirts, food, telematch game, etc. We booked 7 rooms at Ruang, called Just Is, Bathe 1, Bathe 2, Bathe 3, Outpost, Lookout, and Workshop.  

I stayed in Bathe 3 and what I love the most about this room was that whenever I opened the wooden door, I’d have the perfect view of the river as it was right in front of my room and I’d wake up to the sound of the river flowing in a peaceful melody.  If you want to feel the thrill, you can stay in Lookout.  It was on a higher level with a unique design. So instead of a door, a blind curtain is used. There are 2 rooms side by side, i.e., Lookout 1 and Lookout 2.  

At Ruang,  there is no wifi, no internet coverage, and no television.  It felt like we traveled back into the good old days where technology had not yet existed. It was an excellent place to actually bond with the family without any distractions from work or social media.

On the event date, we left our home at about 12.30 pm as we head to Janda Baik. It was raining cats and dogs all the way.  We reached Ruang before  2.00 pm, checked in, and had our lunch.  Our initial plan was to have a mini telematch game after lunch, but we had to cancel due to heavy rain, which was slightly disappointing at first because we had prepared games for the evening.  

Anyhow, in the late afternoon, the boys were all out to play football in the rain while we ladies were busy preparing for bbq. My mistake, it wasn’t just the boys, in fact, the girls joined as well. Our family is making changes to the tradition and we no longer apply the ‘girls must be in the kitchen rule’. 

After we had our bbq, we sat and relaxed.  Some of us played pool and a few other games provided by Ruang. The weather was quite cold and chilled. 

I  slept early, hoping that it would be a bright shining day on the next morning for us to enjoy the rest of our time in Ruang.

We had our breakfast arranged by Ruang for us. Pre-pack nasi lemak, which was quite tasty. After breakfast, everybody jumped into the river.  Despite the water being ice cold, we still enjoyed ourselves very much. Taking a lot of pictures was a must for us for memories sake.

At noon we checked out from Ruang.  I want to thank the owner of Ruang, Mr. Zack, who is so polite and attentive towards my family and me.  Ruang is a perfect gateway from hustle bustle life in a big city.  To those who love nature, this is the right place for you to hang around. We will come back here again!!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful experience with your families at Ruang@JandaBaik, Looking forward to welcome everyone again. Insyaa Allah

  2. Tenang di janda baik. Tempatnya juga menarik dan nyaman.


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