Chili Farm

This chilli farm belongs to MF Green Fresh Plantation in Kundang, Selangor.  The farm uses a fertigation system on a land of 2.5 acres. MF Green Fresh Plantation is the initiative of two persons, En Azmi and En Nik. 

En Nik is the key person who oversees the farm and marketing. They started their project in August 2019 with land clearance and other necessary works like installation of  a few huge water tanks, piping etc.  

Once all done and settled, they planted the chili seeds in some trays.

After 2-3 weeks, those small plants were transferred to individual polybags.They planted about 2,200 of Sakata 461 seeds. Usually, it takes 2 ½ months to harvest.

Each plant can produce approximately 2-3 kilos for the 1st harvest, and it can live up to the 3rd harvest, which is about 5-6 months of life span. 

The farmers usually will wait until 2nd harvest, and then they will remove and vanish the plant to start with a new one.It is understood that the quality of chilies for …

Air Supply

We had a family day earlier in Janda Baik from 14th -15th December 2019 which I have posted earlier.  After we checked out from Janda Baik on 15th December 2019, we went straight to Genting Highland, which was only about 10min drive from Janda Baik. Air Supply concert was on the night itself at 8.30 pm.
We checked in at Resort World Awana for 1 night.We stayed in the Superior Deluxe Room, which accommodated the 4 of us. 

We had our lunch, unpacked, and got ready to go to Arena of Stars by Awana Skyway (cable car).From Resort World Awana, we drove and parked our car at the Awana SkyCentral, which is adjoining to Genting Highland Premium Outlets.

We bought the cable car tickets and waited for about 30 minutes to get on it as the queue was very long because it was a school holiday. There were many tourists, mainly from China and Indonesia, queuing with us to get a ride. Each standard cable car can fit in 10 passengers.
It t…

Janda Baik

FAMILY DAY AT RUANG, JANDA BAIK  (14/12/19 – 15/12/19)
It was the last trip with my family to end the year of 2019.  There were 23 of us, including children. Everybody was looking forward to this trip from the moment I secured the booking with the owner of Ruang. 

We had made various plans and arrangements prior to the family day from teams’ shirts, food, telematch game, etc. We booked 7 rooms at Ruang, called Just Is, Bathe 1, Bathe 2, Bathe 3, Outpost, Lookout, and Workshop.  
I stayed in Bathe 3 and what I love the most about this room was that whenever I opened the wooden door, I’d have the perfect view of the river as it was right in front of my room and I’d wake up to the sound of the river flowing in a peaceful melody.  If you want to feel the thrill, you can stay in Lookout.  It was on a higher level with a unique design. So instead of a door, a blind curtain is used. There are 2 rooms side by side, i.e., Lookout 1 and Lookout 2.  

At Ruang,  there is no wifi, no internet cov…