Chili Farm


This chilli farm belongs to MF Green Fresh Plantation in Kundang, Selangor.  The farm uses a fertigation system on a land of 2.5 acres. MF Green Fresh Plantation is the initiative of two persons, En Azmi and En Nik. 

En Nik is the key person who oversees the farm and marketing. They started their project in August 2019 with land clearance and other necessary works like installation of  a few huge water tanks, piping etc.  

Once all done and settled, they planted the chili seeds in some trays.

After 2-3 weeks, those small plants were transferred to individual polybags.  They planted about 2,200 of Sakata 461 seeds. Usually, it takes 2 ½ months to harvest.  

Each plant can produce approximately 2-3 kilos for the 1st harvest, and it can live up to the 3rd harvest, which is about 5-6 months of life span. 

The farmers usually will wait until 2nd harvest, and then they will remove and vanish the plant to start with a new one. It is understood that the quality of chilies for the 2nd harvest would not be as good as the 1st harvest unless you maintain and take excellent care of the plants.  You have to put so much effort and full commitment if you wish to be involved in plantation.  Nothing is easy peasy.

Fertigation system has few advantages over other fertilization methods, and it saves time and money.  The fertilizer solutions are prepared in advance in stock tanks, and the solution is then injected into the irrigation water.  Not all fertilizers can be used in fertigation.  Only water-soluble and liquid fertilizers are appropriate to use.

MF Green has one fulltime worker and 2 other part-time workers whom they hire during harvest season to pick and sort chilies.  

MF Green Fresh chilies are of Grade A quality.  All chilies are big and fresh.  They have buyers from Pasar Borong Selayang, Pasar TTDI, a chili sos factory and a few individuals who make bulk purchases as well.  MF Green Fresh is also registered under FAMA.

MF Green Fresh uses the fertilizer and nutrition of which are formulated by them.  It has proven that both  their fertilizer and nutrition are really good by looking at the quality of chilies that they produce.  

Besides chilies,  MF Green Fresh also sells their own made fertilizer and nutrition as well.  You may contact Nik at 019-4903089 if you wish to buy their products.

There was a cute bunny rabbit in a cage under the shade. Nik told me that the bunny was caught in the farm eating some chilies earlier and it is now kept as a pet in the farm. 


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